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A penny for your thoughts

This idiom is often used to ask someone about what they are thinking about, especially if they seem meditative or preoccupied.


Everyone thinks differently and comes up with ideas in different ways. For some, listening to music can be an outlet to de-stress, meditate and just block out the outside world. For others, “me time” is a long drive, a challenging work-out at the gym, a yoga class or even shopping. Some thinkers and leaders thrive in a brainstorming environment, while others work well independently designer, drawing, writing or calculating to their heart’s content.

Business Model & Blueprint Analysis 

There’s no right or wrong way to ideate, create or innovate. It’s more of a personal way of operating, of capitalizing on your personal strengths and personality traits, and knowing what works for you and what doesn’t. Successful leaders are always pushing themselves, thinking outside the box and thinking of what’s next. Moments of great breakthrough can come at any time, in any place – during the day, or even in our dreams. It’s really just about being open to these thoughts and deciding which ones are worth acting on, sharing and pursuing. This truly why the “To Do List” is a must.

Entrepreneurs can sometimes be overwhelmed by ideas, not knowing which one to pursue, or having too many ideas that are not well thought out. During these times, companies like eVolution brands come into the picture, and act as an idea incubator, helping to clearly define and fully realize dreams. We can provide the fine tuning, the next-level of thinking and the clarity that individuals and teams need to take an idea from concept to reality. In fact, we’ve done it for a lot of major brands and successful companies. Click here to read more about our success stories.