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Running a business is a tough job, and one that requires the owner or CEO to wear many hats. From planner to innovator to marketer to salesperson, the duties of a leader are widespread. It’s important for an owner to understand all aspects of their business from the lowest ranking positions and most mundane duties to the mid-level managerial positions to the top tier of decision making.


McDonalds is one of the largest and most successful global brands in the world. What sets the McDonalds leadership team apart from others in their industry is the worldwide “Hamburger University” training program, where employees are not only trained from the bottom-up, but also developed into leaders who live the McDonalds values and culture as they move up the ranks.

This excellence in training philosophy means that every high-ranking McDonald’s executive has been immersed in the business at every level, creating a greater level of understanding.

Business Model & Blueprint Analysis

Owners not only need to have a firm grasp on each department, they also need to know how to delegate to a team that they trust to carry out their objectives. An owner can’t be an expert in all areas of the business, so by hiring proactive leaders and go-getters that are experts in their fields (i.e. marketing, accounting, sales, customer service), they can have the peace of mind knowing that their business is in the right hands when they can’t be there to make each and every small decision. While the work ethic and leadership values should come from the top-down, each employee is responsible for pulling their own weight and making a value-added contribution to the team as a whole. With a shared goal were all in this together.