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Elementary my dear Watson

This phrase is one of the most famous cinematic quotes in history and is tied to the 1929 film “The Return of Sherlock Holmes”. The phrase was uttered by Holmes to Dr. Watson, before explaining the reasoning in solving a complex mystery. Holmes, the fictitious detective character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was a great observer of clues, taking into account and questioning even the smallest of occurrences, while always keeping in mind the greater goal of solving the crime. Holmes was really onto something. He picked up on small nuances that others may have overlooked, and was careful to think, but not over think.


In today’s business world, people often are looking for the next big idea, the next moment of great breakthrough. In actuality, there are many little “nuggets” that can provide valuable insights and on which companies can establish themselves, grow and thrive.

This type of thinking can be likened to the fast pace of technology.

Sure, there are great new product breakthroughs that come along once in a while, but a lot of what excites people relates to an improvement on an existing product. Take a computer for example. The PC itself was a revolutionary product. But today, consumers are looking for the next best version – the upgraded faster processor, the thinner, lighter frame, the better graphics card.

Business Model & Blueprint Analysis

Sometimes business spin their wheels and spend a lot of time and money searching for something really great, when there is something really good right in front of them that missing link key component that can push them over the top is only they can open their eyes and mind to the possibility.

At the end of the day, it’s about keeping our eyes and ears open and our hands firmly on the wheel. That idea, that nugget, is what’s going to be the potential difference maker and a measure of success to the overall formula. Oftentimes, it’s just a matter of businesses getting over their egos and realizing that it’s about the end result.