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Brand Marketing

At eVolution brands, we are passionate about branding. With a team of top-notch talent, we can help your business through every stage of the brand lifecycle. From brand identity to brand revitalization to brand marketing, we’ve got you covered.


For over 20 years our experienced team has been delivering powerful brand messages through a variety of channels including: traditional, print, broadcast, digital, social and mobile. The communications we’ve produced have helped brands to get their story across in the most powerful way possible, so that customers are engaged, motivated and captivated. The results of our brand marketing projects include increases in website and foot traffic, higher response rates, a greater number of inquiries, and ultimately more sales.

We’re proud to say that we’ve helped to launch and move the needle for some of the most innovative brands around the world.

Our brand marketing process starts with understanding your goals, your brand, your audience and your objective. Then, we can evaluate the best tactics and strategy to disperse your message. From there, we use the most effective channels and technology that will speak to your customer. And of course, along the way, we measure the results and ROI to make sure we’re on track.

If we are not moving the needle we are not moving the brand.

Our brand marketing service strategies include:

• Brand identity all encompassing

• Organic SEO, Key placements and critical partnering

• Sales direction on and off line, channels of execution

• Website critical, who, what, where and NOW

• Mobile platforms

• Social automation

• Spread the word, PR, Reviews, Pictures and video