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About Us

Our expertise is based on our 20 years of doing it, taking the chance living the dream day in day out. Our product and service based brand development has been based on just that doing it, not just talking about it but actually spending our own money time effort and energy and doing the heavy lifting.


With a highly seasoned and experienced team of branding experts who’ve been in the marketing industry for over two decades, the eVolution brands team is well-rounded in all aspects of business coaching, strategy and planning.

Bill Daker, President & Chief Branding Officer

Bill started his entrepreneurial journey at a very early age, cutting his teeth as an entrepreneur from shining shoes and cutting lawns learning first hand customers’ expectations as a business owner.

Bill is a guitarist/songwriter playing and writing music since the age 11 and has played and recorded professionally with the Band Charmed Life and has opened shows for the likes of American blues legend Buddy Guy.

A true renaissance man, Bill is technically trained electrician with experience in industrial, commercial and residential electrical and general maintenance and installation. Bill worked as a lead foreman for national retail pioneer Montgomery Wards, which gave him unparalleled access behind the scenes for the retail giant.

Based on years of industry experience, he created his own full-service residential and retail maintenance company www.m2easy.com, where he has worked for any number of retailers such as Starbucks and T-Mobile. Bills thirst for knowledge is driven by a deep passion for marketing, an avid reader with a deep thirst for knowledge consuming just about every marketing book, web site/blog that offers a true differentiating perspective related to the brand marketing experience.

Bill went on to develop the brand Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda www.coolmountain.com diving into a category ruled by giants such as Coke and Pepsi to produce an exceptional product built on the quality of its mouthwatering flavors such as Green Apple, Blue Razzberry and Watermelon to name a few. Cool Mountain today thrives in a self-developed franchise bottling system that counts Dr. Pepper bottling and Real Soda Ltd. as partners.

A natural evolution for Bill was to work with Taensa Crown Bottle Cap Co. from a local crown manufacturing company in Ecuador where Bill built a well-connected crown distribution system in the U.S., Bill developed and co-owned Brandhawk marketing. Bills passion for brand building has lead him into numerous brand building opportunities and pioneer dozens of companies under the eVolution Brands portfolio, including:

Chicago Root Beer www.chicagorootbeer.com

Go Green Emergyil www.gogreenermergyil.com

Leaf Power Stations www.leafpowerstations.com

Bill has additionally developed and patented several mechanical tools.

Bill started eVolution brands in 2005 to leverage his wealth of brand building expertise to those who are looking for someone to move the needle without the high cost and wasted time buried under an avalanche of too much information with the immediate resources to get their brand marketing moving.